The country-rock duo, MR DR, didn't start as a band but as a writing collaboration between Dave Mehling and Stacy K. The two spent many late nights writing and recording demos in their then shared basement. The group's name arose from a failed attempt to name a neighbor's cat ("Mister Doctor"), and the pair soon emerged live in 2015. They recorded "Summer in the Backseat" in 2016 at Hideaway Studios in Minneapolis, MN and released the record in 2017.

MR DR takes the unrefined bits and pieces of country rock and bring them to the forefront. The songs wear their emotions clearly on their sleeve, guitars bend in and out of the mix and the duo's voices occasionally intertwine - pumping your speakers with a good amount of twang and a small dose of heartbreak. A little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll.

The album is available as a digital only download through Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify. A limited edition run of MR DR t-shirts will be available at upcoming performances.  

"This is my new favorite band." -- Jim Hall



Photo Credit: Stephanie Marie Victoria Braun